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Energy Healing Trainer and Practitioner

Official Pranatherapy Facilitator _ Magnetism (Pranic Healing®) in France (2017-2022)


Usui Reiki Master Practitioner and member of the French Reiki Syndicate


The practice of Arhatic Yoga ®, the knowledge of more than twenty techniques in energy and naturopathic care nourish my reflections and my professional practice to better serve you.

My childhood was cradled between two cultures and two histories, those of Iran and those of France.

My parents introduced me to the wisdom of Homa   (the mythical bird) and supernatural universes through traditional Persian stories.


The paths of Persian scholarly music and the wisdom of the poet Rumi have led me towards the quest for truth, authenticity, connection with the language of the heart and the beauty of the present moment.


Ancient Persian melodies and the harmony of sacred words prepared me for meditation and strengthened my perception of subtle feelings.


Thanks to my mastery of translation in French, I worked for the famous publishing house Dabir. I translated various works and wrote the biography of great Persian scholars from the 9th to the 12th century whose influence extended to the fields of philosophy, astronomy and medicine.


In 2002, in Paris, during my studies in architecture, I was particularly touched by the works of Renzo Piano, whose innovative construction methods are part of a search for environmental symbiosis.

I express my sensitive and artistic sensitivity through the art of rhythm and melody (percussion instruments: Tombak and Daf), through sculpture, through architecture and through the art of well-being.

My readings and my research have guided my steps towards new horizons both geographically and in terms of the acquisition of knowledge concerning energy practices for well-being. Thus the various trainings that I have followed are part of a holistic approach to human health and well-being.

In a permanent quest for truth, I am led to explore and experiment with different techniques of energetic well-being.

In 2014, I was certified as a Usui Reiki Master Practitioner. The following years will be mainly devoted to the study of Naturopathy and the teachings of Pranatherapy and Arhatic Yoga which draws its roots from Indian ancestral knowledge of more than 2000 years and from Taoism. The deepening of this knowledge particularly echoed my quest for truth.

I transmitted the teachings of Pranatherapy in an official way in collaboration with the French Institute for Interior Studies of Me. Choa Kok Sui for several years.

My services offered in France and abroad are:

- to animate various sessions of transmission of knowledge such as "Workshop discovery of subtle energies", "Workshop initiation to the practice of energy care" and "Workshop activation of the energy centers of the hands"... for a large public.

- to practice individual sessions of energy care in person or remotely and to harmonize the energies of the places.

- to organize regular and collective sessions of relaxation and meditation online, in parks and natural spaces, in cultural centers...

My Trainings and Experiences

Trainings & Experiences in Energy Well-Being

Practitioner certified in Prantherapy by the International Institute, IIS (USA)

Reiki (Iran & France)

Prana-Psychotherapy (France)

Pranic Lifting (Switzerland & France)

Cellular Pranic Healing (USA & India)

Pranic crystal therapy (England & France)

Advanced Spiritual Technology (Philippines)

Clairvoyance (India)

ISIS Golden Triangle Treatments (France)

Sirius care (France)

Egyptian treatments (France)

Sekhem Seichim Treatments (France)

Instructive Healing (India)

Love Energetics (France)

Love Energetics Kundalini (France)

Global Harmonization (France)

Access Consciousness Lifting (France)

Sound Therapy with Tibetan Bells (India)

Essene Care for the Deceased (France)

Generational Healing (USA)

Akashic Memoirs of Ernesto Ortiz (France)

Shamanic Soul Retrieval (France)

Family Constellation (France)

Healing Bonds (India)

Trainings & Experiences in Energy Care of Places

Feng Shui Pranic (England & France)

Geobiology and Habitat Medicine (France)

Psychic Self Defense for People and Places (England & France)

Master's degree in Architecture (France)

Meditation Training & Experiences

Training for organization of "Twin Hearts Meditation"

Soul Yoga Training and Soul Meditation

Kundalini Meditation (Arhatic Yoga)

Dhyan Meditation (Zen Meditation - Arhatic Yoga)

Vipassana Meditation (Zen Meditation)

Arhatic Yoga (An advanced Yoga, condensed from different Yogas)

Kriya Yoga

Training & Experience in Project Support

Kriyashakti, the energetic science of Materialization

Spiritual Business Management

Other Training & Experiences

- Studies in Naturopathy at ISUPNAT (2015 - 80 hours) and CENATHO (2016 and 2019-2021 more than 600 hours) schools

- Training in Chinese medicine, acupressure with Jean Pellissier.

- Master in Architecture (2008); State graduate in Architecture with experience on shopping center extension projects, renovations and interior architecture for existing real estate and tertiary spaces.

- Master's degree in Translation from French into Persian (2002): translation of 3 books and writing of 5 books published in Iran.

- Sculpture: Achievements and exhibitions of works mainly in clay, member of the artists' house.

- Music: percussionist: Tombak and Daf instruments, the Sufi drum - various participations in festivals and music programs in France and Europe.


Passionate about Persian mythology, rich in universal symbols, I am inspired by the mythical bird Homâ. He is represented as a sphynx with the head of a griffin and the body of a lion.

This fabulous bird has human language. He serves as a messenger and confidant to the heroes whom he transports through the air over long distances and gives them some of his healing feathers. To summon and be in the presence of Homâ, it suffices to burn one of his feathers. We can find similarities in this ritual with the legend of Simorgh or that of Phoenix with the bird Rokh or Roc. Homâ's presence also symbolizes the blessings of the Gods.

Homâ is also a Sanskrit word designating a rite of interior purification by sacred fire.

Homâ is also the name of a real bird, a vulture (bearded vulture) living in Iran and France, in the Pyrenees.

HOMA HOMA - Copie.jpg

Representation dating from 500 BC of "Homa" at Persepolis in Iran

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