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Lever du soleil sur le mont Fuji


The scope of my practice:

  1. The proposed energy sessions are not treatments or therapies in the medical sense but they can accompany it.

  2. The energy sessions and the information resulting from an energy balance do not replace any diagnosis or traditional and allopathic medical treatment. It is advisable to consult your doctor to determine the medical cause of the health problems.

  3. I don't do any diagnostics. I do not prescribe any medication and/or medical treatment.

  4. Consultants are advised to continue and not complete their current medical treatments or postpone or neglect to consult their doctor and take advantage of the necessary medical care.

  5. Respect professional secrecy and observe the utmost discretion in all circumstances.

  6. I practice remote energy sessions only on consenting people.

  7. I receive minors or mentally retarded people in consultation in the presence of their parents or legal guardian.

  8. I do not promise healing.

  9. Energy treatments and magnetism sessions are part of a holistic approach to human well-being. These techniques are excellent complements to medical, naturopathic and psychological follow-ups.

  10. My energy practice is touchless. My energy practices cleanse and balance the energies to allow the body to move towards its well-being naturally.

Insurance RC  Medinat


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