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Planetary Meditation For Peace 
Twin Hearts Meditation
(Weekly sessions) 

You are welcome, welcome to the Twin Hearts Meditation practice sessions (every Thursday at 7 p.m.) on the zoom platform, with free access and open to all.


To register, please send me (no later than Wednesday evening) your request to e-mail


You can also join the WhatsApp* group dedicated to these sessions.

* This private group is not an advertising medium. Thanks.


You can contribute to the costs of these weekly meetings according to your wishes. Thanks.

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The Twin Hearts Meditation allows the practitioner to circulate in him and around him a large amount of subtle energies. This guided practice so beautifully called "Meditation of the Twin Hearts" develops and activates our two energy centers related to Love: the Heart chakra where the key of Universal Love is deposited and the Coronal chakra, energy center of Love. Universal.

It is also called the "Planetary Meditation for Peace". This Heart Yoga Practice is a flowing energetic healing both for the practitioner and for the Earth and all her living beings. It acts in an interconnected way. It promotes the opening of the Heart, brings a feeling of Peace. harmonizes general well-being, calms the emotions and soothes the mind. It is by synthesizing ancient and modern traditions and wisdoms, from East and West that Me Choa Kok Sui created the Twin Hearts Meditation and offered it to humanity to bring Love and Peace on our planet.

Being collective, these meditation sessions reinforce the power of their benefits for the practitioner and the whole world. Serenity and Peace in the Hearts diffuse harmoniously in the group and beyond.  

Around the world, groups of collective practice of the Twin Hearts Meditation have been created for about forty years dedicated to Peace, Love, Harmony on our Earth and between Humans.

Regular practice of Planetary Peace Meditation brings much joy and many beneficial effects: 

- cleanse and clarify the two energy centers of Love: (Heart chakra and crown chakra) 

- activate and energize the two energy centers of Love

- open the heart center

- feel the Universal Love in oneself and around oneself

- strengthen feelings of kindness, compassion and empathy 

- develop inner peace and mental calm

- improve intuitive faculties 

- participate in the self-healing process 

- densify and harmonize the light of the aura and the chakras 

- fostering contact with one's "big self"

- fluidify the energy in the body

- relax the body

- enhance a positive self-image and strengthen the feeling of being in harmony with oneself and one's environment through active and energetic participation in the well-being of Our Planet and its inhabitants, through the development of one's responsibility in the face of the common future of all living beings on our planet and through its commitment to the preservation of the Earth.

Concerned public:

These meditation sessions  are aimed at young adults and adults.

Precautions and contraindications: 

- for young adults: practice this meditation once a week

- for pregnant women: practice this meditation once a week

- for heavy smokers: please contact me. Thanks.

- for people with severe heart disease, severe hypertension, glaucoma: please contact me. Thanks.

Practical terms: 

- this meditation is practiced in a quiet place to promote concentration.

- you can practice this Twin Hearts Meditation: comfortably seated on a chair, a sofa or on a zafu.

- it is desirable to be dressed in comfortable clothes.


The Twin Hearts Meditation Video

Author's permission to distribute:

The Planetary Peace Meditation (Twin Hearts Meditation) is a very powerful tool to bring more Peace in the world.




The author hereby grants permission to anyone interested in REPRINTING, COPYING AND REPRODUCING this

chapter provided appropriate acknowledgment is made.


(Signed) Choa Kok Sui


Extracted and modified from The Ancient Art and Science of Pranic Healing, ©1992, by Master Choa Kok Sui, Pages 227-239


by Master Choa Kok Sui 

Let us invoke for divine blessings

To the Supreme God, to the Divine Father, Divine Mother,

to my Spiritual Master, to all Spiritual Masters, to all Holy Masters,

to all the Saints, to all the Angels, to the Spiritual Helpers and to all the Great,

We thank you for your blessings, for your guidance, for your divine love.

We thank you for Divine Sweetness, Enlightenment,

Divine unity, divine help and protection.

We sincerely thank you.


Remember a happy event


Take your time. Remember a happy event.

Relive the exquisite sensations of Softness, Tenderness and Love. You smile, you are filled with Love and Happiness.

Smile gently and lovingly at your heart energy center.

Your Heart Energy Center is a being of Love.

Smile gently and lovingly at your heart.

Speak words of Love and Gentleness to your Heart.

Wait for the response.

Can you feel your heart energy center reacting

with Love, with Joy and Bliss? The feeling is fantastic!


Remember another happy event.


Relive this happy event. Feel it.

Smile at your Crown Energy Center.

Your Crown Energy Center is a Being of Divine Love.

Speak words of love to this Being of Divine Love.

Smile lovingly and sweetly at your Crown Energy Center.

Wait for the response.

Can you feel your Crown Energy Center react

with Divine Love and Divine Sweetness?


We will bless the Earth with tenderness.


Gently touch your heart with your left hand.

Raise your hands to chest level with your palms Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.


Allow yourself to be a channel for divine peace.


Feel the inner peace within you.

Bless the Earth with Peace.

Imagine that there is a small Earth in front of you, the size of a small ball.

Feel the inner peace within you.

Radiate this Peace into the Earth.

Feel the inner peace within you.

Share it with the Earth before you.

Where there is hate I put love.


Feel the Love within you.

Feel the sweetness within you.

Allow yourself to be a channel for divine love and divine sweetness.

Bless the whole Earth, and each Person, each Being with Love and Gentleness.

Imagine a pink light radiating from your heart to your hands to the earth.

Where there is hate I put love.

(Allow yourself to be a channel for Divine Love) 

Where there is a wound, forgiveness.

Bless the Earth with the spirit of reconciliation; with the spirit of understanding, Harmony and Divine Peace.

Where there is despair, Hope and Where there is doubt, Faith


Bless the whole Earth with Light and Joy.

Especially people who suffer, people who are sad,

depressed people;

Bless them with Divine Light and Divine Joy.

Be aware of your crown. Follow me in silence.


From the Heart of God,

May the whole Earth be blessed with loving kindness.


Allow yourself to be a channel for Divine Love and Goodness.


Bless the Earth with Love and Kindness.

Imagine the golden light radiating from your hands to the small earth in front of you.

From the Heart of God,

May the whole Earth be blessed with Great Joy and Happiness.


Feel divine joy and divine happiness.

Allow yourself to be a channel for divine joy and happiness

and share this divine joy and happiness with the whole Earth.


From the Heart of God

May the whole earth be blessed

with Understanding, Harmony & Divine Peace;

with the Good Will and the Will to do Good.

May all be blessed.


Be aware of your whole body.

(exhale slowly)


Be aware of your Heart and your Crown simultaneously.

(Breathe deeply. Inhale deeply. Hold your breath)


Be aware of your whole body.

(exhale slowly)


Can you feel your whole body filled with Divine Love and Divine Bliss?


Imagine the small Earth in front of you.

Again, be aware of your Heart and your Crown.


(Repeat silently after me)


From the Heart of God,

That each person, each being

Be blessed with Divine Love,

Be blessed with kindness.


Feel the kindness.

Where there is darkness Light; sadness, joy. 

Repeat silently after me.

Feel the Divine Bliss, the Divine Sweetness, and share it with all the Earth, with every person, every being.


That the whole Earth, every person, every being

Be blessed with sweetness, divine sweetness,

with Tenderness, with Warmth, with Benevolence,

with Inner Healing, with Inner Beauty,

with divine bliss and divine unity with all.


(Gently place your hands on your knees.)

Imagine a golden flame on your crown.

Feel the quality of the Golden Flame. Feel the Love, Peace and Divine Bliss radiating from this Golden Flame. Feel the Divine Sweetness, the Divine Joy.

(Chant the mantra, OM, softly, lovingly and silently.)


Be aware of the stillness and the gap between the two OMs.

Do it with love and awareness.

Imagine the Golden Flame again.

(Silently chant the mantra, OM. Chant the mantra, OM twelve times.)


Be aware and let go in silence 

for the duration you want (3mn or more)

(Come gently and lovingly back to your body right now!)

Feel the bliss, feel the Love, feel the Divine Sweetness.

(Slowly and gently move your fingers. We will release excess energy. Gently raise your hands to chest level with your palms facing outward.)

Imagine the small Earth in front of you. (recite silently)


May the whole Earth bless with Divine Light, Divine Power.

May the whole Earth, every Being be blessed.

May peace, harmony, progress, spirituality and prosperity be for all!

May all be blessed!

Bless your country with Divine Light, Divine Power,

with Progress, Spirituality & Abundance.

Bless your city with peace and order, with spirituality,

with Divine Love and with Prosperity.

Bless your loved ones, loved ones, associates and friends

with Divine Love, with Kindness

with kindness and with a lot of affection!

May all be blessed!


(Gently lower your arms.)


We will release excess energy by blessing Mother Earth.

Be aware of your feet and the base of your spine. Imagine a golden light descending to the earth about three (3) meters or ten (10) feet deep.

Bless Mother Earth with Divine Light, the Divine Power of Divine Love.


May Mother Earth be blessed!

May Mother Earth be blessed, may Mother Earth be regenerated.

May our blessings be to our beloved Mother Earth!


Invocation of Gratitude:


To the Supreme God, we thank you for this Great, Great Blessing!

To the Divine Father and to the Divine Mother,

We thank you for divine bliss and this priceless blessing!

To my Spiritual Teacher, to all Spiritual Teachers,

to all saints, holy angels, spiritual helpers,

especially to the Angels of Love and to All the Great Ones,

Thank you for this Great Great Blessing!

Thank you for experiencing Love and Divine Bliss!

Thank you, with total liver!

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