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Ancestral ritual of purification by the "Sacred Fire"

Ritual of purification by the "Sacred Fire"

In India, Agnihotra is the name of an ancestral purification ritual by the "Sacred Fire" performed at sunrise or/and at sunset. It is part of the sacred sciences of "Samskara", which means "the Perfect Act" in this country of southern Asia.

This ancient practice offers beneficial energy healing to people and their life contexts. It can help them in difficult times and delicate emotional situations (sadness, discouragement, unwanted temptations).

The effectiveness and benefits of Agnihotra are closely linked to the quality of the practitioner's presence.

This traditional technique tends to: 

- promote clarity at the level of consciousness 

- bring inner peace

- reduce stress

- renew vitality

- purify environmental energies (houses, apartments, gardens, agricultural areas, etc.)

- reduce electromagnetic pollution

- remove toxic energies from the atmosphere (family, friendly and professional situations)

- improve the quality of human relations

- harmonize certain difficult experiences called "bad karma"


To practice this ritual, I simply use a small copper bowl in which the "Sacred Fire" burns. This purification ritual is accompanied by mantras and Vedic recitations. 

How I came to practice the ritual of Agnihotra

The ancestral knowledge of the practice of the ritual of purification by fire already resonated with me through my Persian culture and its connection with its ancient mythology where fire was sacred.


Self-taught in the practice of this treatment, a few years ago, I worked intuitively with the "Fire" element as part of an energy treatment with a client who wanted to be purified from the toxic energies that had been addressed.

I practiced this first purification ritual carried by my intuition which guided each step of this energy treatment. With the help of this intuition I was able to bring about a very significant change in this person's situation.


One could say that the practice of purification by the "Sacred Fire" came to me.


Then, I learned from one of my teachers in India that my first intuitive practice was similar to the practice of an ancestral ritual of purification carried out in this country. This encouraged me to learn this ritual with its specific protocols. 

Shortly after this event, I was able to benefit from the teaching of Agnihotra by a Master Yogi.


- Individually: face-to-face and remotely by means of visual communication


- In groups: face-to-face (maximum 2 people) and remotely by means of visual communication. 

Duration, place and prices:

- Times: at sunset

- Duration:  30mn / 45mn remotely

- Location: Paris south - Ville d'Antony (near the "Les Baconnets" RER B stop)

- Rates: contact me by e-mail: "homaprana@" or by phone: 06 21 19 31 83

Insurance RC  Medinat


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