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Energy Healing

Pratiques énergétiques imprégnées de mes Intuitions

Séances de soins énergétiques personnalisées & réalisées sans toucher

Information on the progress of a remote session
  • A telephone interview prior to my remote care session allows me to establish a first energetic contact with you and to establish your anamnesis.

  • It is desirable to send me 2 photos, one full-length and the other of your face.

  • It is the law of energy interconnection between living beings that allows this care and energy connections at a distance.

  • For your first remote energy care session and to optimize its benefits, it is strongly recommended to be relaxed (for example, to listen to soft music, to lie down, etc.).

  • After the first session, plan a long rest period.

  • For follow-up sessions (package of 5 sessions or regular supervision) no conduct is required.

  • We stay in regular contact to take stock of the energy treatment and follow the evolution of the benefits of the session and make energy adjustments.

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