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Energy Initiation Training

Energy Initiation Training (1 day - 8 hours)

The purpose of this training is to help you discover and acquire fundamental knowledge about subtle energies, how to feel them. It integrates a solid base of knowledge on the energetic anatomy of the human being 


Rich in my experiences in the teaching and practices of energy care and to meet a need that I identified mainly among my clients, I decided to set up this short and effective training.


A certificate issued by HOMA PRANA validates this training and is given to each learner at the end of the session. This certificate would facilitate a possible continuation of the participants towards the formation of Pranatherapy Magnetism (Pranic Healing ®) .


Theories and practices of exercises in pairs are carried out in a benevolent, friendly and playful atmosphere.

The program of this training aims to learn to:

- know the vital energy and its functioning

- sensitize and activate the energy centers of the hands (the clear feeling)

- know the natural sources of vital energy (Prana)

- absorb and project vital energy (Prana)

- feel and appreciate the quality of the aura (the "invisible" part of the physical body)

- see the subtle energies and the aura of the human being

- know the energy centers (chakras) and how they work

- meditate and activate the heart centers through the guided, active, self-cleansing and self-energizing meditation called the "Twin Hearts Meditation".


This training day is made up of many practices​ to help you master and raise awareness of the concepts evoked by your own experiences.

Next Energy Initiation training session: 

- Saturday April 23, 2022

- Opening hours: 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and 2 p.m.-6 p.m.

- Location: Paris south - Ville d'Antony (near the "Les Baconnets" RER B stop)

Teaching modalities:

- Face-to-face teaching

- experiential learning

- The "practical practice" action is favored as well as the exchange with and between the participants

- Individual training is possible

Registration methods, prices and additional information:

Contact me:

-by email: ""

-by phone: 06 21 19 31 83

Training registration includes:

- An intensive training day with varied practical experiences

- Multiple initiations including the initiation to the Meditation of the Twin Hearts

- A Certificate of Homa Prana  issued at the end of this training

- An educational book to consult at the place of the course (possibility of purchase)

- An audio CD of the Meditation of the Twin Hearts to listen to at the place of the course (possibility of purchase)

- An energetic cleansing spray is offered to you

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