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Passionate about Persian mythology, rich in universal symbols, I am inspired by the mythical bird Homâ. He is represented as a sphynx with the head of a griffin and the body of a lion.

This fabulous bird has human language. He serves as a messenger and confidant to the heroes whom he transports through the air over long distances and gives them some of his healing feathers. To summon and be in the presence of Homâ, it suffices to burn one of his feathers. We can find similarities in this ritual with the legend of Simorgh or that of Phoenix with the bird Rokh or Roc. Homâ's presence also symbolizes the blessings of the Gods.

Homâ is also a Sanskrit word designating a rite of interior purification by sacred fire.

Homâ is also the name of a real bird, a vulture (bearded vulture) living in Iran and France, in the Pyrenees.

HOMA HOMA - Copie.jpg

Representation dating from 500 BC of "Homa" at Persepolis in Iran

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