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Fille regardant le coucher du soleil

Tribute to the Earth

Tribute to the land

An alchemical hymn addressing energies of Love, Joy, Kindness, Hope, Light and Truth to the entire earth and its living beings.

It has great benefits. It aims to magnify inner peace through alchemical processes. I speak of "alchemy" because when it is recited, with each sentence the narrator replaces and transforms a shade of low vibration energy into another better one and this is done in an unconscious way, quite simply!

For example when you wish with conviction in the second sentence (cf. the prayer below) for example: "where there is hatred, that I put Love" so that it happens, it happens from first in you.

This hymn can change the hues of emotion and thought energies on a subtle level; at the level of the auras and the chakras with positive repercussions on the physical body afterwards.

I will also develop another aspect for you on the first sentence: have you heard of negative energy links? Do you know that when you recite in consciousness and with conviction that you want to be an instrument of peace, all or a large part of the negative links (if any) linked to you would be cut or transformed into a link of peace and love? Consequently, following the law of attraction once decided to be an instrument of peace you would be more apt to attract good energies and beautiful events towards you.

How to do?

Recite mindfully and meditate on the meaning of spoken words. I invite you to sit comfortably, breathe consciously - pay attention to your breathing; your inhale, your exhale - for a few breath cycles. Recite this hymn phrase by phrase paying attention to the meaning of each word spoken.

Anthem homage to the earth

Thank you to the universal creative energy for making me an instrument of your peace for the whole earth and its living beings,


where there is hatred, let me put love,

where there is offense, let me put forgiveness,

where there is discord, let me put union,

where there is error, let me put the truth,

where there is doubt, let me put faith,

where there is despair, let me put hope,

where there is darkness, let me bring light,

where there is sadness, let me put joy.


That I'm not looking for so much,

to be consoled... only to console

to be understood...than to understand

to be loved... only to love.


it is by giving... that we receive,

it is by forgetting oneself...that one finds,

it is by forgiving... that we are forgiven,

it is by dying... that we return to eternal life.


St. Francis of Assisi, revised by Homa

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