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Certified training en 
Pranatherapy Magnetism 
Pranic Healing ©


This certifying training aims to discover and acquire the basic knowledge to practice the Pranatherapy Magnetism method. 


Pranatherapy Magnetism also called Pranic Healing ® was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. Pranic Healing ® has its roots in ancient Chinese knowledge over 4000 years old, in Traditional Chinese Medicine  (TCM), in Taoism and in Buddhism. According to Master Choa Kok Sui, Pranic Healing would be equivalent to the fifth level of TCM. At the fourth level. the practitioner uses needles to perform his energy treatments. At the fifth level of TCM he uses the strength and power of pure energy to perform his care without touching the person.


I have been teaching this fantastic method of energy healing, simple, effective and easy to learn for 5 years.

A certificate established by the International Center of Pranatherapy (Institute for Interior Studies) validates this training and is given at the end of the session to each learner. 


This training integrates a solid base of knowledge on the energetic anatomy of the human being as well as advanced techniques of practical energy care. 

Theories and practices of exercises in pairs are carried out in a benevolent, friendly and playful atmosphere.


Pranatherapy Magnetism is a method of energy care without touching which meticulously respects the energy hygiene of the practitioner. The practitioner does not use his own vital energy, he preserves his vitality and his dynamism after the energy care given.


Following this training, you will be able to offer tailor-made energy care sessions to others, face-to-face or remotely, and to yourself. 

The program of this training aims to learn to:

- sensitize and activate the energy centers of the hands (the clear feeling) 

- test or feel and appreciate the quality of the aura (the invisible part of the physical body)

- cleanse, energize and stabilize vital energy (Prana)

- absorb and project vital energy (Prana)

- test and appreciate the activity and the conditions of the energy centers (the chakras)

- cut the energy cords

- increase receptivity to projected subtle energies

- practice self-cleaning and self-recharging

- perform remote energy healing

- practice an energy session face-to-face, remotely and on oneself according to the precise stages of Pranatherapy

- meditate and activate the heart centers through the guided, active, self-cleansing and self-energizing meditation called the "Twin Hearts Meditation".

Next training sessions in Pranatherapy Magnetism (Pranic Healing ®):  

Voici la liste des organismes enseignant le « Pranic Healing » de Master Choa Kok Sui en France.

Ces 3 organismes sont officiels et suivent les hautes qualités requises par l’Institut International de Pranic Healing (I.I.S.) aux Philippines pour la transmission des connaissances du Pranic Healing et du Yoga Arhatique de Maitre Choa Kok Sui. 


  • « IFEI GMCKS Institut français pour les études intérieures de Grand Maître Choa Kok Sui » association Loi 1901, fondée à Paris en 2003

       Responsable & enseignant principal : Madame Yolanda Samara - France

       Site web :

       Tél. +33 1 45 89 08 88

       Email :

      Adresse Postale : 132 bld. de l’Hôpital Terre Pure, 75005 Paris – France 

      Adresse du Centre : Centre Terre Pure, 75005 – Paris - France


  • « Association Française de Pranathérapie » association Loi 1901, fondée en 2012

       Responsable & enseignant principal : Master Sai Choletti / Coordinatrice & enseignante : Madame Christine Brun


      Site web : &

      Tél. +33 7 87 96 38 34

      Email : &

      Adresse postale : 10 a, Rue Lafer, 68540 Bollwiller – France

      Adresse bureau en Allemagne : Thuerachstrasse 30, D-79189 Bad Krozingen Allemagne



  • « Pranic Healing France » depuis 2023 sous la direction de Pranic Healing Gr. 

       Responsable, enseignante et coordinatrice principale : Madame Chiara Perfetti

      Site web :

      Tél. +33 6 41 49 41 37 & +33 7 72 00 37 89

      Email :

      Adresse postale : 209 Bld. Des Ambassadeurs, 95220 Herblay-sur-Seine – France

      Adresse postale en Grèce : Pranic Healing Greece, Agios Stefanos, 14565, Grèce



Mise à jour: 24 janvier 2024

NB.1 Le but de cette page et ses informations est de vous faciliter vos recherches. Je précise ne pas avoir aucun lien financier ou lien spécifique avec les organisations mentionnées et je ne fais aucun profit financier sur un éventuel stage auquel vous pourriez assister.

NB.2 La mention des références des organismes cités sur cette page ne signifie pas mon adhérence à toutes les communications et les actions menées par ces derniers, leurs membres ou toute personne revendiquant exercer la modalité de Pranic Healing.

Teaching modalities:

- Face-to-face teaching 

- experiential learning

- The "practical practice" action is favored as well as the exchange with and between the participants

Registration methods, prices and additional information:

Contact me:

-by email: ""

-by phone: 06 21 19 31 83

Training registration includes:

- An intensive training day with varied practical experiences

- Multiple initiations including the initiation to the Meditation of the Twin Hearts

- A Certificate of Homa Prana  issued at the end of this training

- An educational book to consult at the place of the course (possibility of purchase)

- An audio CD of the Meditation of the Twin Hearts to listen to at the place of the course (possibility of purchase)

- An energetic cleansing spray is offered to you

Here are two videos that present the practice of the method of Pranatherapy Magnetism (Pranic Healing ®) 

Remercîments au Master Stephen Co, l'un des 8 grands enseignants de Pranic Healing & l'organisme PranaWorld

Insurance RC  Medinat


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