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Soins Energétiques

Energy Healing

My Holistic practice is essentially linked to the teachings and light energies from Ancient China, Tibet and India. (Prantherapy / Pranic Healing)

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  • Reiki treatment
    Reiki is a Japanese energy healing practice for energy well-being, founded by Me. Mikao Usui, of whom I am Me. Practitioner I practice my Reiki treatment sessions without touching.
  • Energy Support for Projects
    In these sessions I work on rebalancing and harmonizing your energies and subsequently those of your projects aimed at facilitating their realization.
  • Harmonization of generational energies
    The teachings say that the human being is conditioned in his psychic and emotional context by the 7 generations of the ancestors who precede him on the two maternal and paternal lines. In this energy treatment I proceed by precise protocols but also in an intuitive way to the harmonization, optimization and cleaning of the energies of the lines of the maternal ascendants and those of the paternal in general. This practice can also be applied to the memory of a specific organ. (plan about 3 sessions)
  • Cell cleansing with specific crystals
    This practice of releasing unconscious bodily memories or cellular memory aims to cleanse and harmonize the deepest memories stored in the cells of the body at the physical, emotional and mental level. It helps to purify the body, revitalizes and strengthens the proper functioning of the organs. It is essentially a subtle psychic cleansing. In my practice, I use crystals cut in specific shapes studied for Pranic Cellular Healing energy treatments by following precise protocols. Cellular Cleansing sessions help you to: - regain a state of calm and psychic lightness - strengthen inner peace - decrease the feeling of stress - reduce anxiety - eliminate negative thoughts - relieve the state of fatigue - relieve body pain - relieve physical tension Duration: 1h30 / 2h
  • Energetic face lift
    Energy lifting technique practiced with specific crystals following the teaching of pranatherapy
  • Psychic Harmonization of People at the end of life and in the Beyond
    I accompany people at the end of life serenely on their way to the other world by cleansing and harmonizing energy at the level psychic, emotional and mental. These energy treatments help these people to have a softer and more luminous experience when detaching from their body. Also, I practice energy healing for people in the afterlife (deceased). According to the teachings the deceased person keeps his mental (thoughts) and emotional (emotions) body. I cleanse and lighten all forms of parasitic thoughts and certain emotions related to trauma. Thus my practice promotes mental clarity and gives a valuable focus of energy to the person in the afterlife. I follow specific protocols that I received from a Filipino Master Healer while following my intuition. Duration of harmonization sessions for people at the end of life: 1h / 1h30 Duration of harmonization sessions for peoplein the afterlife: 1h / 1h30
  • Soins énergétiques pour les Animaux
    Ces soins sont pratiqués en distanciel ou en présentiel (de 30 à 45mn environ) J'utilise pour prodiguer des soins énergétiques pour animaux différentes téchniques. Pour prodiguer du bien-être à votre animal de compagnie, j'utilise différentes techniques. - la pratique de l'écoute intuitive avec l'animal - la technique regard / écoute qui intensifie la connexion subtile avec votre animal de compagnie - je place mon regard dans le regard de l'animal afin de percevoir ses blocages et ses souffrances - je communique par les yeux pour faire passer l'énergie et la clarifier - le soin par Pranathérapie est appliqué sans toucher l'animal Cet accompagnement est complémentaire à des soins vétérinaires. Ils améliorent la vitalité et le dynamisme de l'animal. Ils calment, détendent et apaisent les animaux stressés, craintifs, peureux et anxieux. Ils diminuent les souffrance physiques et psychiques de nos petits compagnons.
  • Pranatherapy treatments
    Magnetic Pranatherapy also called Pranic Healing ® was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui. It is a method of energy healing without touching. As the practitioner does not use his own vital energy, he preserves his vitality and dynamism after the energy treatments given. During this face-to-face energy session, remotely I would: - a reading of your aura (the invisible part of your physical body) - a reading of your chakras (energy centers) their sizes, state of activity - cleaning, energizing your chakras with vital energy (Prana) and harmonizing their conditions when necessary - to cut unfavorable energy cords Depending on the case, I can use specific crystals used according to the prana-crystal therapy technique to amplify and clarify the energy harmonizations. Duration: 1h/1h30
  • Psycho-Energetic Care
    These psycho-energetic treatments aim to cleanse and harmonize the psychic and emotional energies of the auras and chakras. The source of the majority of discomfort being psychological, this psycho-energetic work is strongly recommended, it is also recommended for most physical discomfort. Over the course of life, we accumulate energies (sometimes without our knowledge) that condition us and weigh us down. My psy-energetic treatment works precisely where these energy blockages are. It dissolves them and thus allows you to move forward better, to find lightness and joy in life, in osmosis with a stable inner peace. Psycho-energetic sessions often bring my clients a clearer understanding of their context and help them with decision-making, to see more clearly and identify their blockages, to calm their strong emotions and to clarify their objectives. priorities. I support people towards tangible well-being in certain situations such as: - Different types of addiction: tobacco, alcohol, gambling... - Stress - Depression - Lack of concentration and memory - Various phobias - Hallucinations -Schizophrenia - Mournings - Separations - Lack of self-confidence - Cancers and consequences of chemotherapy sessions ... This list is not exhaustive. Testimonials from my consultants
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