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Harmonizations & Cellular Cleansing

Energy Cleansing & Harmonization & Cellular Awareness

Pranic Cellular Healing

Cellular cleansing sessions work on the deepest memories stored in the cells of the body. These sessions correspond to psychic cleansing sessions with the difference that the intervention is at the cellular level and with the help of specific crystals.

It would help eliminate negative thoughts, emotions, programming, and self-sabotaging beliefs that are holding you back from having a healthy, happy, and successful life.


Pranatherapy and the energy sessions offered here are not treatments or therapies in the medical sense and they do not replace any diagnosis or translational and allopathic medical treatment. The consultant must not interrupt or complete his current medical treatments or postpone or neglect to consult his doctor and take advantage of the necessary medical care following the energy sessions. In my work there are no promises of healing, but a promise to do everything possible to support your energy state towards its best harmony and well-being.

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